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Taranaki Bodybuilding Competition to Take Place This Weekend

Taranaki Bodybuilding Competition to Take Place This Weekend

 The Taranaki regional bodybuilding championship is set to take place this weekend in New Plymouth, New Zealand, reports Stuff.

The competition marks the first event of the National Amateur Body-Builders Association season (NABBA). Twelve more events will take place across the country.

Anne Russell, a former bodybuilder who competed in Australian shows in 2010, has stepped up to organize the event. She says her goal is to reform the sport in the region.

“There is quite a bit of organizing, mostly done by volunteers, so coordination of the event was stretched, hence the break,” Russell says.

Russell competed in several Australian shows in 2010. However, since she started bodybuilding in her mid-50s, she found it challenging to keep up with the younger participants.

“I still enjoyed the sport and being around all the athletes, so I looked for another way to be involved,” Russell says.

When the championship was first held in Taranaki in 2012, Russell spoke with officials and trained to be a judge.

This year’s competition will feature 18 athletes, about half of them local.

“There will be eight athletes coming for the first time, so we will be looking to make a show of it,” says Russell.

Awards will be presented across five categories: Ms. Figure, Ms. Shape, Mr. Physique, Mr. Athletic, and Mr. Body.

Ms. Shape prioritizes a toned, feminine look without showing muscle. Mr. Body looks for a well-structured upper body. The ideal athlete is described as having the cover boy look.

Ms. Figure and Mr. Physique both look for muscle, with a symmetrical body structure and minimal body fat. Mr. Athletic is designed to be slightly leaner.

A top gym award will also be presented.

Russell referenced the NABBA competition as a fun, family-oriented affair. One day, she hopes to host the bodybuilding national championships in Taranaki.

The event will be held at the New Plymouth Boys’ High school. Judging rounds start at 12 PM on Saturday, with trophy presentations at the 5 PM show.



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