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Namibia Bodybuilder Eyes Arnold Victory

Namibia Bodybuilder Eyes Arnold Victory

Namibian bodybuilder Alethea Borman has set her sights on a second Arnold Classics competition, where she aspires to reach the podium once again, reports All Africa.

As one of the country’s bodybuilding frontrunners, the 38-year-old mom is looking forward to showcasing her hard work at the event, which is set to be held May 17-20 at Sandton in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Arnold Classic Africa hosts professional bodybuilding, amateur bodybuilding, strength and combat sports, and a massive health and fitness expo.

Borman took second place at the Arnolds two years ago, making her the first Namibian to place at an international bodybuilding event.

She claimed her spot at the 2018 Arnold Classics Africa by placing 13th overall at the IFBB world championships, which took place in Paris, France in December.

“My dream has been, since I was young, to become the first IFBB Pro elite athlete representing Namibia,” says Borman. “So, this means to become the first professional bodybuilder representing my country, and secondly, my aim is to encourage women to look after their health.”

Borman elaborates that she is a legal advisor, a mother of three, and has been married for 16 years, yet she still prioritizes taking care of her body.

“It does and takes a lot out of you sometimes, but we women need to take care of ourselves too,” says Borman.

She says her family has been supporting her since she was 14-years-old, when she competed in her first event at the 1994 Mr. Namibia Body Building contest.

“My husband is my constant friend, and will always be by my side. I am blessed to have these guys as support. They are never negative, perhaps honest, but never negative about my sport,” says Borman.

She is also hopeful to find support within Namibia’s business community, as she is currently looking for sponsorship towards covering the cost of the Arnolds.

Air Namibia has agreed to sponsor her airfare, but she is searching for additional support for housing accommodations.

“In the future, I’d like a sponsor that would support every show I do. I normally compete about once a year internationally, so it’s really costly,” Borman explains.

She expresses appreciation to Swakop Uranium and Eight Plates gym, where she trains for free, as well as friends and family, who sponsored her for the world championships.

Since finishing fourth at the IFBB Amateur Olympics in 2014, Borman has been working to reach her pro card.

“If I do [get my pro card], I have to rest my body until next year to ensure I go for my first show well-conditioned,” she says. “I train two times daily from Monday to Friday, and Saturdays only once. So, by now, my body is tired, and I need to rest. It’s been a hard year.”




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