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Former Rodeo Star Uses Bodybuilding to Recover from Brain Injury

Former Rodeo Star Uses Bodybuilding to Recover from Brain Injury

 When rodeo athlete Dave Potter suffered a brain injury after being bucked from a horse, it made it difficult to live the life he wanted, reports CBC News.

Potter was used to being injured, but he had never dealt with something so debilitating before. The brain injury caused him to get dizzy if he walked for more than five minutes.

“One minute you feel like everything is getting better, the next minute, it’s a complete switch and you’re dizzy, back to the depression again,” says Potter.

During the next year and a half, Potter struggled with depression and suicidal tendencies. He refused to accept the diagnosis when his doctor told him the damage might be permanent.

Instead, in an effort to regain control over his body, Potter took up bodybuilding. He had been interested in the sport after seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in a magazine when he was 12, but had never had the time to pursue it seriously.

Potter used nutrition and fitness to deal with the dizziness that came with his brain injury.

Currently, Potter plans to compete in a bodybuilding competition later this year. He also owns his own gym in 100 Mile House, B.C. He sells supplements and offers coaching and meal plans to clients.



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