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Arnold Schwarzenegger Undergoes Planned Heart Surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger Undergoes Planned Heart Surgery

 Arnold Schwarzenegger is in stable condition at a Los Angeles hospital after undergoing a scheduled heart surgery, reports 9 News.

The procedure was necessary for the purpose of replacing a valve that had been installed in 1997 to deal with a congenital heart defect.

“His first words were actually ‘I’m back,’ so he is in good spirits,” tweeted Daniel Ketchell, Schwarzenegger’s spokesperson, in a statement about the surgery.

The 1997 pulmonic valve had outlived its life expectancy, so Schwarzenegger chose to swap it out with a less invasive catheter valve replacement.

During the surgery, an open-heart surgery team was prepared in case the catheter procedure was unable to be completed. Thankfully, the procedure was successful.

“We want to thank the entire medical team for their tireless efforts,” Ketchell concluded.

Schwarzenegger is famous for many accomplishments, most notably his success as a bodybuilder and movie star, as well as for serving as the governor of California from 2003 to 2011.



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