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Al Nasir Takes Model Mania NSW Contest

Al Nasir Takes Model Mania NSW Contest

Ahmed Al Nasir of Fairfield was named the overall champion at the Model Mania NSW bodybuilding competition, having claimed two gold medals in the 70kg and under 171cm classes, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Body Action Fitness Centre, the Weatherill Park gym Al Nasir represents, took home a total of five gold, five silver and four bronze medals at the event.

Firas Jirjees, who owns the centre and is an internationally competitive bodybuilder himself, says the Australasian natural bodybuilding competition was one of their most successful events.

“We are delighted at winning all these medals, specifically as they are all first-time winners,” he says. “All nine members of our team did very well in fitness and bodybuilding classes, with Ahmed also taking out the overall title.”

Other winners from Body Action Fitness Centre included the following.

Aziz Abdulrahman (Fairfield), who won gold in the under 35 fitness category and bronze in open category.

Johny Bahnan (Smithfield), who won bronze in the under 25 fitness category.

Hasnain Moiz (Guildford), who won silver in both the under 75kg bodybuilding and under 171cm categories.

Karrar Abaid (Horsley Park), who won gold in the under 80kg bodybuilding category and bronze in the under 171cm category.

Mehdi Saeed (Bankstown), who won silver in the under 90kg bodybuilding category and silver in the over 171cm category.

Lever Yousif (Bosley Park), who won gold in the over 90 bodybuilding category and bronze in the over 171cm category.

Evan Karomy (Wetherill Park), who won silver in the 90kg bodybuilding category.

Jirjees first came to Australia in 2014. After opening his gym in Weatherill Park, he began sending teams to national competitions.

“In four years, my team has won 21 gold medals, 13 silver medals, eight bronze medals and two overall titles,” says Jirjees.

Jirjees began bodybuilding at age 15 in 1996. His first show was in 1998, where he won the Mr. Iraq title.

He competed outside of Iraq for the first time in 2001, where he won the silver medal in the Middle East competition.

Last year, Jirjees claimed the coveted Arnold Classic Australia title.

“I strongly believe we all need fitness regardless of what we do and what we are,” says Jirjees. “Australia is a best country with lots of opportunities, and I would love to welcome anyone who wants to transform their bodies.”

Jirjees specifies that Body Action Fitness Centre isn’t just for bodybuilding, but for anyone who wants to stay healthy.



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